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An excerpt about the survivor from Only One Survived



A little Indian girl was born, out in the sagebrush, on or about April 12, 1910 on the remote north end of Golliher Mt. in the northeast corner of Elko County, Nevada.  Within days of her birth, her family the Daggetts, would be on the run. 

The Indian family, numbering 13, had run afoul of horse wranglers, resulting in the death of a young boy with the horse wranglers and a young Indian boy, member of the Daggett family. 

The Indian family now numbered twelve, four adult males and eight of the others were women and children. 

The family traveled west to the Sacramento River in California.  Then they headed east, back in the direction from which they had come.  In their travel east they became trapped in a remote canyon in north western Nevada.  Here they ran into trouble again and were accused of killing four sheep men.  A posse ran them down in north central Nevada and killed all but four children.  By 1913 only one of those children had survived.  In 1992 she too came to her death at the hands of a white man