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The Old West
Stories of Real Cowboys, Vaqueros, Indians & Buckaroos
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About Us at The Old West Stories
We're all about the Old West

 Tony Sweeney 1966 to 2012 our son and true man of the west

About Les Sweeney the author - Les was raised on a large cattle ranch in north central Nevada, near Midas, during the 1940's & 50's.  He has a degree from the College of Agriculture at the University of Nevada, Reno.  In 1990, after 31 years he retired from the Department of the Interior (BLM) and he and his wife purchased a small ranch near Midvale, Idaho.  At that tme he began  researching and  and writing the recently published ONLY ONE SURVIVED, the true story of a lone survivor of an Indian family that was massacred near Golconda, Nevada in 1911.  In the last 10 years Les has also written short biographies on two old-time buckaroos, Albino Tais, a Yaqui Indian and Henry Harris, a Black cowboy.  He nominated both for the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in Winnemucca, Nevada and the National Cowboys of Color Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas.  Both were inducted in Winnemucca, Tais on August 21, 2002, Harris on August 30, 2008.  Both were inducted in Fort Worth on November 7,2009. 



         Les Sweeney 1961

Cheri Sweeney - Cheri was born and raised in Boise, Idaho (graduating from High School in Denver, Colorado).  Cheri and Les met in Boise and raised their four children in Boise, Idaho, Monticello, Utah, and Reno & Virginia City Nevada.  In addition to her careers in bookkeeping and tax preparation (not to mention keeping homes, ranches and raising children)Cheri has worked with Les to bring little known stories of people like Henry Harris and Albino Tais out into the world.  Cheri and Les retired from the ranch in 2003 and now reside in Payette, ID.

The Sweeneys dedicate this site and their research work on the Old West to their children and grandchildren:

Lorie Sweeney, an entrepreneur and business owner in Salt Lake City, Utah

Lyle Sweeney, an entrepreneur and high technology executive living in San Francisco, California

Dean Sweeney, his wife and partner Nancy Sweeney and their son Carson living in Staunton, Oregon. Dean and Nancy own Sweeney Productions.  It seems that entrepreneurship runs in the family.

Tony Sweeney, our youngest (picture at the top of the page), his wife Laurie, their son Kyle, his son Jace,Kyle's wife Whitney and their son Mylz,daughter Taylre and Taylre's daughter Kenna.  Our Tony was a true mountain man, beloved son, husband,father and friend.  We lost Tony in an auto accident in 2012.  His family still resides in Lewistown, Montana.